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Vaginal Tattoos

August 31, 2009

a poem by Kate Eisenberg



I know you by your eyes.

You want a woman for the
valley she

Provides for you to plow.

You want a woman for the
sense of

Power she brings to you.

Sex keeps you from having to
slap her

Which is the underlying
emotion that draws

You to her.

Plunge hard and push in is

So damned similar to smack
and propel to

The floor.

We feel your intent.

We know when we are being

Loved and we know when our

Is a sack where you place
your rage

Then pull it out and leave
the drippings

To burn.

No physical damage.

Nothing shows.

But we are wounded.

Some never trust again.

I am old now and know you at
a glance.

I shall not willingly spread
my legs and

Open to your liquid

You deposit acid

Where only happy drips should

So you will take it to the
young who

Think you are a talent, an

The Pollock of your

She feels cool until the day the mirror tells her

She has been fooled,

She has been fouled and it
can’t be washed away.

The mirror tells her he’s not
somebody and she’s

Not special just used and
older than she needs to be.

Her vagina is permanently
tattooed with ugly graffiti.

Her newborns will see it as
they are pushed into the world

And they will wonder who did
this shameful thing.

They will catalog it and

Before they see the glory of

It will already have changed